Holistic solution for securing, detecting and counter measurements

At a time when airspace is becoming more crowded, safety and security must be achieved both to guard against the threat of drones being used for criminal and terrorist purposes—and in order to unleash the untold benefits of myriad drone-based services— CDP is the airspace awareness and security platform that provides all the tools necessary to create safe skies. CDP provides the best end-to-end solution possible for the detection, intention determination and integrated response and reporting of drone-based attacks. No other solution globally controls the technology end-to-end to affect a robust and maintainable solution that works. CDP is a comprehensive platform for airspace awareness and security that provides three essential elements of airspace management. Comprehensive coverage: The ability to detect all airborne objects day and night within a protected airspace and discern between threats and non-threats. Safe mitigation options: An integrated response to airspace breaches or potential threats with various levels of severity. Powerful, easy-to-use management: Built to scale for growing coverage, SkyDome provides a simple user interface for configuration and real-time mobile alerts and complete airspace history to recover quickly from an incident.

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