Artificial Intelligence Cyber Defense 

CYBERCORE is a unified platform that delivers the most innovative, complete, powerful and state-of- the-art solution in the marketplace, combining suites and technologies that result to the total security of the defended ecosystem and the immediate alert and protection of the system administrator against all existing fast and slow, instantaneous or zero-day attacks to the infrastructure or the endpoints


Unified P[latform

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities and AWS configuration issues that put your organization at risk.

User Activity Monitoring

Gain visibility of user activities in Office 365, G Suite, and other business-critical cloud apps.

Continuous Threat Intelligence

Automate threat hunting with continuous threat intelligence from the private or Cloud database.

Forensics & Response

Investigate and contain threats faster with response actions on every alarm

Automated Asset Discovery

Know what’s connected in your environment at all times, even in a dynamic cloud.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Continuously monitor your endpoints for threats and configuration issues.

Intrusion Detection

Detect threats and suspicious activities early with host, network, and cloud IDS.

Artificial Intelligence Cyber Defense

AI and machine learning 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning present a significant opportunity to the cyber security industry. Today, new machine learning methods can vastly improve the accuracy of threat detection and enhance network visibility thanks to the greater amount of computational analysis they can handle. They are also heralding in a new era of autonomous response, where a machine system is sufficiently intelligent to understand how and when to fight back against in-progress threats

  • AI and machine learning
  • Threat Visualizer
  • Real time threat detection and autonomous response
  • Catches novel threats before they do damage
  • Complete visibility across your digital infrastructure

Autonomous Response: The Machine Fights Back 

Having experienced these limitations firsthand, forward- looking security teams are now opting for a more innovative approach - one which leverages AI-based technology to contain in-progress threats at machine-speed, without causing needless disruption to the business.

This proven approach has been realized in autonomous response technology, an instructive title that helps us distinguish between early attempts at automation and some of today’s most sophisticated technology in cyber AI. Broadly speaking, a solution that falls into this category must meet the following four conditions:

  • Takes surgical action to contain high-confidence cyber-threats
  • Doesn’t cause disruption to business functions
  • Responds in real time
  • Fights back against varying threat types, including insider threat

Secure Documents Rights Management

On Prem or Cloud

RightsManager enables best document security practices by allowing you to encrypt documents locally, so there is no need to upload unencrypted documents to an unknown server or file sharing site. You maintain complete control of your source files at all times.Once your files are encrypted, go ahead and share files securely through all the normal channels—email, website, intranet, cloud storage sites or removable media. Recipients authenticate through a client/server interaction, denying access to any unauthorised recipients. With granular permissions policies for access, editing, printing and sharing, you can ensure recipients can only see what they need to.


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